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AUTHLIB Consortium Discusses Empirical Data Collection in Vienna

The AUTHLIB consortium held a hybrid internal workshop on March 29, 2023 on-site at the University of Vienna and online. The goal of the meeting was to discuss the project’s…

Job opening: Post-doctoral fellow at Charles University

The Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University is seeking to appoint a researcher to work with Petra Guasti and the Prague team in the project “Neo-authoritarianisms in Europe and…

Illiberalism, Authoritarianism, Populism? Laying the Groundwork for AUTHLIB

The AUTHLIB consortium held its first virtual workshop on February 24, 2023 to discuss the conceptual work and literature review conducted under the leadership of Radosław Markowski at the SWPS…
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Zsolt Enyedi – Ideologies of Autocratization

Zsolt Enyedi - Ideologies of Autocratization   In this first AUTHLIB Working Paper, Zsolt Enyedi (Central European University) explores the ideological modules of the recent wave of autocratization and finds…

Illiberal Challenges, Neo-Authoritarian Challengers—Videos from AUTHLIB’s kick-off are now online

Videos from AUTHLIB’s kick-off conference titled “Illiberal Challenges, Neo-Authoritarian Challengers: Threats to Liberal Democracy in Europe,” organized on October 20, 2022, are now available on AUTHLIB’s YouTube channel:Keynote speech by…

Job opening – Post-doctoral fellow at Sciences Po

Sciences Po is seeking to appoint a researcher to work with Profs. Jean-Philippe Cointet, Caterina Froio, Romain Lachat, and Jan Rovny in the project “Neo-authoritarianisms in Europe and the liberal democratic response” (AUTHLIB)…

Job opening – Post-doctoral fellow at SWPS University

The SWPS University invites applications for a researcher (post-doc) position based at the Center for the Study of Democracy, Institute of Social Sciences in Warsaw to work on the AUTHLIB…

Job opening – Post-doctoral fellow at CEU

The Central European University invites applications for a full-time post-doctoral fellow position working with Zsolt Enyedi, Erin Jenne, Seraphine Maerz, and Carsten Q. Schneider within the framework of the Horizon Europe research project AUTHLIB. Starting date: May…

First meeting of the AUTHLIB consortium

Members of the AUTHLIB consortium met for the first time in-person at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, to kick off their three-year cooperation seeking to better understand the…

Illiberal Challenges, Neo-Authoritarian Challengers—Kick-off conference in Budapest

Challenges to liberal democracy have been on the rise over the past decades. As a result, democracy is no longer the “only game in town” even in the European Union.…

Launching AUTHLIB—A new Horizon Europe-funded project to safeguard democracy

To protect the future of liberal democracy in Europe, one must first understand its challengers. This is the premise of “Neo-Authoritarianisms in Europe and the Liberal Democratic Response” (AUTHLIB), a…