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The AUTHLIB Blog is a platform of academic and policy debate publishing commentary, analysis and opinion pieces around the topics of (neo-)authoritarianism, illiberalism, populism, challenges to liberal democracy, democratic erosion and backsliding, democratic security and resilience, and related political events and developments primarily but not exclusively on the European scene. It seeks to facilitate discussion between the scholarly and policy communities dealing with the above questions, in a language that is accessible also to the broader public.

The AUTHLIB Blog operates in the framework of the project “AUTHLIB – Neo-Authoritarianisms in Europe and the Liberal Democratic Response”, funded by the European Union and the UK Research and Innovation. Views and opinions expressed in the articles are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union, UK Research and Innovation, AUTHLIB consortium member or the editors of the AUTHLIB Blog, and none of the latter can be held responsible for them.




Caretaker Government Takes Office with Slovakia at a Crossroads

Slovakia is facing deep political crisis and uncertainty. After the resignation of Prime Minister Eduard…

Illiberal Disinformation is No One-Way Street: Russian and Hungarian Domestic Propaganda at Each Other’s Service

Autocratizing regimes mutually exploit each other’s propaganda to strengthen their legitimacy at home. The Putin…

Bulgaria’s Risky Post-Election Scenarios

In Bulgaria’s recent parliamentary elections, no party won enough votes to form a government on…

Why Ethnic Politics Can Act as a Check on Democratic Backsliding

The presence of politically organised minority groups is often viewed as a source of instability…