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The AUTHLIB Blog is a platform of academic and policy debate publishing commentary, analysis and opinion pieces around the topics of (neo-)authoritarianism, illiberalism, populism, challenges to liberal democracy, democratic erosion and backsliding, democratic security and resilience, and related political events and developments primarily but not exclusively on the European scene. It seeks to facilitate discussion between the scholarly and policy communities dealing with the above questions, in a language that is accessible also to the broader public.

The AUTHLIB Blog operates in the framework of the project “AUTHLIB – Neo-Authoritarianisms in Europe and the Liberal Democratic Response”, funded by the European Union and the UK Research and Innovation. Views and opinions expressed in the articles are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union, UK Research and Innovation, AUTHLIB consortium member or the editors of the AUTHLIB Blog, and none of the latter can be held responsible for them.




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The new prime minister of Slovakia has shown from Day One that he will not…

And Then There Was One

Poland’s election results may have grave implications for Hungary’s autocratic prime minister, Viktor Orbán. Dániel…

Toxic Polarization Ran Out of Steam for Law and Justice

Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) party looks set to lose power after eight years despite…

How the Integrity of Poland’s Elections Is Undermined

Elections in Poland are skewed by biased electoral laws, abuse of state resources by the…