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Literature Review: Illiberalism, Authoritarianism and Populism

D2.1 Deliverable for the AUTHLIB Project


The literature review discusses the existing definitions of illiberalism both as a regime type and as an ideology or a set of ideas. Subsequently, describes the key characteristics of authoritarianism, populism, and illiberalism, mapping them against each other. It explores the existing varieties of illiberalism and the dimensions on which they vary, and offers a discussion of the so-called ‘post-liberal’ authors and of the paradoxical phenomenon of illiberal liberalism. Finally, it identifies some dilemmas the review of the literature brought to the fore and some tasks awaiting the AUTHLIB project.


Authors: Radoslaw Markowski, Piotr Zagorski, Marta Zerkowska-Balas, Ben Stanley, Zsolt Enyedi, Bálint Mikola, Jan Rovny, in collaboration with Stephen Whitefield and Marta Vukovic


This report is a work in progress. Do not cite without the permission of the authors.

Please, contact Radosław Markowski:


📒 Download the report from HERE.

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